Occasionally, members and their families temporarily travel outside their home network area.  In these cases, Group Marketing Services has contracted with Galaxy Health Network to provide a temporary travel network. This supplemental nationwide network allows access to an additional 400,000 participating physicians, facilities and hospitals.  The travel network is only for use OUTSIDE the member's state of residence and only for emergency or urgent care treatment.

Click Here or call (800) 975-3322 to perform a provider search for the area you will be traveling through or staying.  If the list of providers is adequate for your needs, simply complete the Travel Network Request Form to active your network access.  At time of claim present your Group Insurance Identification card along with your Travel Network Card, that will print after completing the Travel Network Request Form.

Sometimes, members and/or their dependents permanently reside outside the plan's home network area.  Group Marketing Services has relationships with other participating provider networks and in some situations can locate a network to cover that member's home area.  These networks can only be set up for members that have a permanent residence outside the group's home network area and there is a fee associated with these services.

To see if there is a network available in an area outside of your group's home network area, complete the following Out-of-State Network Request Form and you will be contacted via e-mail shortly with your options.